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Water Treatment Services

  • Iron

  • pH Imbalance

  • Lead

  • Hardness

  • Silica

  • Arsenic

  • Odor

  • Manganese

  • Nitrates

Water quality has become a big issue in recent years. Water that is hard, or has iron, shortens the life of your plumbing and fixtures. Did you know that hard water deposits in your hot water tank alone can increase your energy costs by as much as 29%? Household cleaning is often much harder and the detergent left in your clothes by hard water leaves them dingy and damaged. 

We have assembled a team of Water Treatment Professionals that have spent the majority of their careers in the water treatment industry. Our consultant is certified by the WQA (Water Quality Assoc.) and attends water treatment classes on a regular basis. This helps us stay abreast of the latest technologies giving us the best tools to treat 'problem' water.


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