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Geothermal Wells


Mother Nature stores energy in the ground. Geothermal wells have been used for heating and cooling systems. The systems are designed to use the Earth's relatively constant subsurface temperature along with a heat exchanger to either add to or remove heat from a dwelling. Geothermal wells have two basic designs; open looped and closed looped systems. 




In an open looped system groundwater is pumped from a water well into a heat exchanger located in a surface dwelling. The water drawn from the Earth is then pumped back into the aquifer through a different well, or in some cases the same well. H2O well service can help you tap into that energy source for your heating and cooling needs. We have extensive experience in residential and large commercial projects.


Closed loop systems require a heat exchanger between the refrigerant loop and the water loop, and pumps in both loops. Closed loop systems have lower efficiency than direct exchange systems.

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