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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to drill a well?
The cost of a well depends on the size and depth of the well as well as the drilling conditions of the site. In order to provide accurate bids, a site visit by an H2O representative is required. The average well costs around $10,000.

How much water do I need?
The average household requires 75 gallons per day per person (not including irrigation). Thus, a family of 4 requires 300 gallons over 24 hours. Though wells as low as a 1/2 gallon a minute can support a household, most banks or lending institutions require 5 gallons per minute.

Where should the well be located?
The well must be 100 ft. from any drain fields as well as 50 ft. from any septic tanks. Also, the well should be kept free from any contamination, while still easily accessible in the event maintenance is needed.

Does H2O guarantee water?
H2O does not guarantee water, however dry wells represent less than 2% of all wells drilled.

Is a deposit required?
Yes. H2O requires 25% of the bid price to be paid prior to drilling.

Does H2O provide financing services?
No. H2O does not provide financing in any way. However, special arrangements can be made with your bank or lending institution prior to drilling.

When do I have to pay for my well?
Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Special arrangements may be made by contacting H2O.